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Protect Your Business with Card Access Control Door Security

Have you ever wondered what it would take to establish an access control system? Is this something you'd be interested in implementing at your business or facility? Superior Lock & Safe has worked on hundreds of doors in Burlington and throughout the GTA and surrounding areas. Our access control solutions make the procedure easy, allowing you to effectively manage control of any door while also providing an audited trail of access to the door or doors in question. Once installed, your business will have a comprehensive bundle of access control cards and a detailed layer of security. For any questions, please contact us today. Locksmith

Card Access Systems

Superior Lock & Safe specializes in card access security, a sophisticated access control system in which a credential in a card is provided to a reader, who then sends the credential to a control panel for access to be granted. Card entry systems are prized commercially to keep intruders away and valuable objects safe. Condos, commercial enterprises, and school boards are among the industries that regularly benefit from our card access systems. Hotels and houses are two more popular uses.

Door access control lock

Card Access Systems Installation

For 45 years, Superior Lock & Safe has provided excellent access control services, including installation. Our six full-time employees are experienced professionals with WHIMS certification, strict liability, and field-specific training. All of our parts come with a one-year warranty, ensuring the safety of your most treasured items.


Secure Doors with Access Cards

Install access control systems for added security to your property.

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