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Door Repair and Replacement Services for Commercial Properties

Is your commercial building secure? The security of your intellectual and physical property is critical to the success of your business. At Superior Lock & Safe, we recognize that safeguarding your property entails more than simply installing locks. We provide door repair and replacement services for your company's security in the GTA and surrounding areas. For extra protection, we also offer frames and window bars.

Commercial Doors

Allow Superior Lock & Safe to install, replace and repair your business doors. Commercial doors that we install include:

  • Wood

  • Steel

  • Aluminum

  • Glass

  • Fire doors

  • Specialty doors

glass door

Other Solutions Offered

Our objective is to keep all the entries in your business premises secure. We offer 24-hour services to keep you safe in an emergency. There are some additional door services we offer, such as:

  • General door servicing

  • Lock replacement

  • Hinge replacements

  • Pivot door adjustments

  • Pivot door closer replacements

  • Pivot door pivot bracket repairs/replacement

  • Door closer adjustments/replacements

  • Aluminum door continuous hinge installation and repair

  • Aluminum door resizing

  • Steel door repairs and replacements

  • All doors installation and repairs of door sweeps and weather stripping

  • Removal and replacement of hollow metal steel frames

  • Repairing of panic bars and the lockable trims on doors

Door Frame Installations and Repairs

Has your company been broken into? You should get your door frame fixed right away if this is the case. Even shortly after a break-in, you can rely on our 24-hour services to restore security and safety to your home. We ensure that your door frame is safe, whether you need a new lock or repair.

Add Extra Security by Installing Window Bars

Some enterprises require additional security. If your business is vulnerable to break-ins or is located in an area where break-ins are common, we recommend installing window bars for the extra security you need. Don't waste time. Ensure the safety of your intellectual and physical property. For a free quote, contact Superior Lock & Safe now.


Door Repair, Replacement and More

Protect your business property with secure doors, window bars and frames.

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