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Easy Accessibility with Automatic Swing Doors

Automatic swing doors are a clever invention that makes it easier for clients to enter and exit your facility. Superior Lock & Safe can install a new or upgrade/ or a door repairs of an existing automatic swing door in any commercial, industrial, or institutional structure in the GTA and surrounding areas. Because of our quick service and retrofitting, installing an automated swing door operator will not necessitate any significant alterations. A swing door opener will open the door automatically for your customers who require assistance. Customers who do not need aid may easily open the same door manually with a one-way clutch.

For All Customers

Automatic swing doors are beneficial for customers who:

  • Have a disability

  • Have limited mobility

  • Are elderly

  • Carry an infant in their arms

  • Push their children in strollers

  • Have their hands full with bags

Have questions? Contact us to get solutions to your worries or concerns.

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Benefits of Automatic Swing Doors

Automatic doors provide convenience and several other advantages, including:

  • They open quickly in both automatic and manual modes

  • Long-lasting in high-traffic locations

  • Work quietly — both automated and manual modes are noise-free

  • Allow barrier-free access

  • Work well in Canada's varied weather conditions - whether it's windy, snowy, or wet, the adjustable heavy-duty swing makes even the largest doors simple to use

  • Follow safety regulations

Barrier-free Restroom Control Kits

These kits were created specifically for controlling automatic doors in barrier-free restrooms.

In addition to barrier-free restroom control systems, we supply and install emergency calls for Universal Bathroom Kits. This must be installed with a barrier-free bathroom kit, according to the new Ontario Accessibility Act requirement.


Install Automatic Swing Doors

Enhance the accessibility of your business with automatic swing doors.

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