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Top-quality Safes to Protect Prized Possessions

Do you have valuables that you keep in a closed box? Or have they been resting on the dresser in a jewellery box? What happens if there is a break-in? Have you considered putting essential documents or valuables in a safe? Superior Lock & Safe has residential and commercial safes to safeguard your most valuable possessions. Buying a safe is usually an excellent approach to improving security. These devices are available in a variety of forms and sizes, ranging from beautiful and discreet to heavy and massive, and perform a variety of functions. 

Please get in touch with us today to place an order for a safe in Oakville, GTA and surrounding areas.

The ‘Safe’ Bet

There are many benefits of owning a safe, including:

  • Valuable belongings are protected from theft and damage

  • Access to valuable jewellery, confidential documents or data quickly and at your own convenience

  • Proven to be more cost-effective than using a bank

Black small home or hotel safe with keypad

Emergency 24/7 Service

Are you unexpectedly leaving home and need dependable security services? Simply contact us - you can rely on us to respond – and we will do all possible to meet your demands. As members of international security organizations such as ALOA and Tidel, you can rest assured that we are trained to care for your assets and provide you with peace of mind.

Safe combination dial

Safe options

Superior Lock & Safe has a comprehensive range of safes to meet a variety of requirements. We can help you change the combination of codes, service the safes, sell them, and relocate them. Among our choices are:

  • New safes (view our catalogue)

  • Used safes

  • Fire / Burglary safes

  • Deposit safes

  • Fire File Cabinets

  • Custom containers

  • Duplicate safety deposit keys

We are a distributor for the following safe companies:​

  • Brawn

  • Canadian Safe Manufacturing

  • Access Security Products

  • Securifort Inc.

  • Gardex Safe Inc.


Security Safes That Protect Your Valued Assets

We have a large selection of safes in our inventory all the time.

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